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“True compassion arises from a healthy sense of self, from an awareness of who we are that honours our own capacities and fears, our own feelings and integrity, along with those of others.”
Jack Kornfield

When we launch our professional self and put ourselves in treatment rooms, we find an environment that can be synonymous with challenges, expectations and often emotionally heightened encounters. The intensity of our work can sometimes foster habits that are more about caring for others and less about caring and supporting ourselves. This can lead to a less healthy sense of self, professional uncertainty and sometimes burn out.

So, how can we recognise blind spots in our practice? How to develop a stronger awareness of our practice and deepen reflective skills that allow us to stand back, be curious, challenged and often be proud?

Supervision can offer a deeply supportive process that allows us to safely explore the fabric of our practice, reweaving where it needs strengthening and unpicking where it has become tangled!

I have benefited from supervision for the majority of my professional life as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. I currently have one to one supervision on a regular basis in addition to belonging to a supervision group based in London. Both bring a richness and clarity to my practice that I cannot imagine professionally thriving without! This is especially true as I work in an isolated practice with limited support on a day to day basis.

I have been offering supervision and mentoring since 2018. Sessions are generally run on a one to one basis either by meeting or Skype.

Mentoring and supervision has value for anyone working in the health and caring profession. By their nature, these professions hold the welfare of other people as a primary concern, demanding professional resilience and an ability to scrutinise ones own work in order to offer the best of ourselves, whilst maintaining safe boundaries and working within a robustly ethical framework.

I offer supervision to any professional who works within the health and caring field and am especially interested in working with acupuncturists, herbalists and other complimentary medicine practitioners.

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