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New Pricing

Since August 1st 2021 there has been price increase of £5 per treatment. Initial consultation now costs £65 and follow up treatments cost £45. Herbal prices will increase per inflation and may be reflected in an increase of £2 – £5 prescription.

In 2016 I became involved with the charity World Medicine – a charity which aims to provide partly sustainable acupuncture and bodywork clinics in various parts of the world – often where there is very limited access to wide healthcare provision.

In that year and in following years I have travelled to Chaparda, a rural district in Gujurat, India with a small group of acupuncturists and interpreters to help deliver a 2 week acupuncture clinic in a small community hospital. The work there is very intense but extremely rewarding and my intention is to continue to support this worthwhile project as often as I am able to.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my patients who so generously support me, both with financial contributions and also with their interest and encouragement. It would be difficult to be involved in this project without your support – so thank you all!

To raise funds for this I take part in a number of sponsorship events - The Great Glencoe Challenge in early July and then a number of "Kilt Walks" throughout Scotland, to help raise funds for World Medicine. If anyone would like to sponsor me, please do get in touch directly and I will be delighted to explain how best to contribute.

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